Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome to e-Sri Sanai, Janmashtami, 2009

by Sri Sandip Dasgupta

Welcome to the Janamashtami issue of e-Sri Sanai. This is the holy day when Sri Krishna took birth as a Poorna Avatar. He descended upon this planet to set Dharma onto a firm footing and also to spread the message of Universal love, based on Premleela (Love-game) with His devotee lovers.

We have had the good fortune of coming in contact with Sri Sri Babathakur and His unique message of “All Divine for All Time as It Is”. Let us try to study this in slightly greater detail.

Since every individual or object in this universe is a manifestation of the same all-pervading Brahman/I-Absolute, He emphatically declares that everybody and everything in this world is “All Divine”. If we keep this in our mind always, the differences we have even with our strongest foes will disappear. So please keep that in mind when you harbor ill-feelings against anybody in the future - be it at work, at home, on the streets, or even at the shopping malls.

Sri Babathakur further emphasizes that this I-Absolute always remains unchanged with the passage of time. Men and women may come and go from this earth, but the substratum behind them always remains the same. This is similar to the case of the electric current which despite producing different effects when flowing through different electrical objects, in essence remains the same. When flowing through a bulb, electricity produces light. When flowing through a kettle, it produces heat. When flowing through a refrigerator, the same electricity cools the objects inside. The various forms of life in this universe are mere expressions of the same I-Absolute and the relationships between these forms are temporary. The only permanent relationship is the one between I-Absolute and the individual forms. When Sri Sri Babathakur says “All Divine for all time” - He is saying that essentially we are all Divine, and we shall remain Divine with the passage of time.

Lastly Sri Sri Babathakur also points out that the Divine nature of I-Absolute (and hence that of all of us) does not get altered at all. As one traverses through space, the nature of the Divine remains the same. As time passes, the Divine does not change. Since the nature of the Divine (which is the essence of all of us) does not change from one life form to another, does not mutate with time or space, It is absolutely homogeneous. Thus if there is sameness amongst everybody, then there is no reason to have differences amongst the various life forms. This is indeed the message of universal love - whereby one must love everybody, all the time.

On this holy occasion, I am happy to announce that the “Saccidananda Society USA Chapter” has begun functioning as an “Unincorporated Association” as of June 28, 2009. Sri Subir Purkayastha was personally present to guide us through the formation of the chapter, the drafting of its constitution and the formulation of its bye-laws. We are currently in the process of obtaining tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Services in the USA. We are also happy to inform readers that we are in the advanced stages of registering the “Saccidananda Society Canada Chapter” as a charitable organization in Canada.

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