Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sri Sri Babathakur's Advice

by Prof. R.C. Shastri

On 2nd of June 1975, I went to Banidi’s (Smt.Bani Chakraborty) residence along with my son Krishna to have the Darshan of Sri Sri Babathakur.

Sri Sri Babathakur always received any one who came to have His Darshan with so much love, that it is indeed difficult to describe so in words. Quite simply put, we find in His life the manifestation and the demonstration of what He always tells us: “Akhanda Bodhe Mene Maaniye Cholo” - that is, accept all as verily the Divine. He is Love personified.

We were sitting in front of Him. It is Sri Sri Babathakur who usually starts the conversation enquiring about mundane matters. However in no time, He takes us on to an entirely different plane. Of course this expression of taking off from one plane to the other is from our (His bhaktas') stand point.

I almost complained to Sri Sri Babathakur that Krishna was not practicing to sit straight and was not doing things with attention. Sri Sri Babathakur then told Krishna to try the following. Though this instruction was meant for Krishna, it holds good for all of us. “Sit straight with the spine erect. Start from the base of the spinal column and move up slowly in steps, mentally, counting from 1 to reach the crown of the head (sahasrara) by 100. Then move down from the crown of the head towards the base of the spinal column by the same steps slowly counting down from 100 to 1. With this practise concentration develops, and you can study well with proper understanding. One reading is enough for you to remember anything you read. Whatever you will can be done, as the will power increases enormously. Only that much can be said for the present. After one settles down and the timing in steps to go up and down is perfected, numbering may be replaced by a mantra, OM or simply MA.”

On another occasion Sri Sri Babathakur told us about another useful practise that helps boost the mental faculties enormously. One has to choose some good piece of literature. Start remembering by heart say, just 4 lines a day. This can continue for a week, for 15 days or even for a month. Then for the next cycle of week or fortnight or a month (whatever your choice) double the lines you are remembering by heart to 8, then to 16 and further to 32. If this exercise is done properly, then even without our conscious attempt, originality of expression will develop with an irresistible spontaneity.

Sri Sri Babathakur then told me to teach Krishna some Sanskrit slokas; not just 4 or 5 lines, but say about 40 to 50 lines.

We may perhaps think of learning some classical works like Gurupaaduka Stotram, Nirvana Shatkam, Vishnu Sahasranaama Stotram, Srimat Bhagavat Gita etc., while praying to Him to reveal the essence of these stotras in our hearts.

After listening to a devotee narrate Ravana's Shiva Taandava Stotra (which is comprised of about 15 slokas), Sri Sri Babathakur told us that by reciting this stotra, many ailments of the body may disappear and asthama infact may be cured.

Sri Sri Babathakur guides us from where we are to the highest of heights. His “Missionless mission” being the declaration of the truth eternal “All Divine for all time as it is”

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    In the begining I would like to thanks respected Shastriji (as we used to address him) for takeing me back to the time when His Holiness Sri Sri Babathakur was free to meet people.
    I am personally feeling previledged to learn the science of developing concentration and will power and originality of expression of expression.
    From experience I have learnt that tips from Sri Sri Babathakur, if practiced sincerely simply works wonder.