Saturday, August 16, 2014

Study Session Dedicated to Divine Words


by Sri Utsav Sen

By the Grace of Sadguru Sri Sri Babathakur, I have had the good fortune of being able to participate in several satsang calls through teleconference bridge on a monthly basis while living in the USA. This has been made possible thanks to the untiring efforts of Swapna di (Swapna Banerjee  from New Jersey) who has been consistently coordinating and scheduling these hour long sessions through emails. Thanks are also due to Sandip da (Sandip Dasgupta from California) for setting up the teleconference bridge, Rishi (Siddharth Dasgupta, Sandip da’s son) and Champa di (Champa Dasgupta) for rendering Sri Sri Babathakur’s revealed bhajans during the satsangs, and Bapi da (Sri P. C. Lahiri) for regularly joining us from India to share his insights on Sri Sri Babathakur’s teachings with the participants.

Bapi da's participation has been instrumental in providing a clearer perspective and deeper analysis of the contents of our satsangs - readings which are conducted both in English and Bengali, explanations of the inner meanings of words in bhajans, as well as insights into anecdotes from the notes that Aruna mashi (Aruna Dasgupta, Sandip da’s mother) graciously reads to us whenever she participates. Bapi da kindly agreed to shed light on most of these aspects of the satsangs based on his direct experiences of being in the company of the All Divine Master, Sri Sri Babathakur over several years. Bapi da's inputs have possibly helped many of us on these calls get more interested in His teachings which are inherently unique and absolutely original.

Thanks to Bapi da's encouragement, our virtual satsang on May 16 (9 pm – 10 pm EST) to commemorate the occasion of Buddha Purnima was transformed by His Grace into a case study of specific pages of Atma Sutra and Sri Sanai.  This was a great idea since it not only involved studying specific content in advance, but also allowed many of us to mentally prepare for vocal participation.

The process of reflections on what was read included responses from learned seniors on call including Bapi da, Swapna di and Sandip da.  Personally, this helped me get more insight into the sayings of Sri Sri Babathakur which though I have listened to several times in the past, I wasn’t able to fully appreciate. Full appreciation of what Sri Sri Babathakur had indicated through His Guru Vani over the course of five or six decades is probably a life-long process.  However I believe that if we are able to devote dedicated time in similar future study sessions focusing on specific excerpts from His lectures, it will go a long way in bringing us closer and closer to our own True Self as per His guidance through his "torch" of Wisdom.

Since this was the first time we were planning a study session, everyone participating was given an opportunity to speak out and contribute to the discussion about what Our Beloved Divine Master meant by certain indications in his speech specifically with regards to being prepared (i.e. "Nije ke toiri kore newa") or coming to a state where one can begin truly comprehending and embracing the Science of Oneness by His Grace. Hopefully we will be able to continue on this path and move step by step towards the next Golden Age (Satya Yuga).

Joy Guru Joy Maa Joy Babathakur

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