Saturday, September 1, 2018

Believe in the Reality, not Relativity

by Sri P.C. Lahiri

At a gathering of a few like-minded people, the discussion centered around the topic of human belief system. It all started when one amongst us talked about a practice being followed in Solomon Islands of the Pacific.  Villagers bring down a big tree that is difficult to cut (but still needs to be cut) by collectively cursing it for one month at a stretch. This combined negative energy gradually saps the life out of the tree and it falls down.

There are some non-believers who ask for a tangible scientific proof. My purpose is not to get into any controversy but to just dwell on the power of our belief system. I have seen a few children and adults who just love gardening. They share a very close bonding with the plants and trees which gets reflected in the way they handle their garden, i.e. just like the way a mother would handle her baby. Out of the three such cases I have personally known for some years, not one has had any problem with plants dying due to extreme weather conditions, prolonged absence of the caretakers (when they are out of town), accidental jolts or hits to the plants etc. In one case, the child keeps talking to the plants as if they are her playmates. All of them have a beautiful and attractive garden. Just walking through those gardens changes the mood of the visitor, particularly when the caretakers are walking alongside and introducing the plants in their own inimitable loving ways.

I had heard from the Master (Prajnanpurush Sri Sri Babathakur) about a few refined qualities of Subratada’s father (husband of Bombay Maa).  When he would walk close to the plants, they would lightly sway even without breeze; and if he would stop by the side of a plant and extend his hand, then the leaves would droop down and settle on his palm to soak in the vibrations of his love. He would caress them, sweetly talk to them and then very lovingly ask them to go back to their places and the leaves would sway back to their original positions. It may sound like a fairy tale, but it came directly from the Master based on something that He had witnessed Himself. If at all there is the need of any proof, then there can be nothing better than the proof of a living example who demonstrates by his/her own life-actions the existence of a deep inner and outer relationship between two life forms¾ humans and plants.

A book “Biology of Belief” by Dr. Bruce H Lipton explores in detail how the human cells that we are made up of, receive and process information. Our subconscious mind is far more powerful than our conscious mind. It decides most of the things in our lives according to the beliefs it has.  Consequently, despite our best efforts, sometimes we find it extremely difficult to change an old unpleasant habit. It happens because the habit is so deeply ingrained (in researchers language¾ programmed) in our subconscious mind that powerful efforts of conscious mind hardly make a difference. Dr. Lipton and his team of researchers have gone on to prove and conclude that our genes, contrary to the prevailing view, are not fixed, immutable and outside of our conscious control but are controlled by signals that come from outside of our cells, i.e. the environment of the cells. Hence, any change in cell’s environment shall change the cells behavior and genetic characteristics. This means that we can change ourselves just by making powerful changes in our belief system by transmitting strong positive messages through our thoughts.

Self-realized rishis centuries ago had said that “you are what you think” and this dictum is often repeated in the modern day world for material gains in various walks of life. The focus of Dr. Lipton and all such researchers and followers all over the world is to try and discover a way to better health, living, relationships, discharge of duties & responsibilities, and do away with the many ills one faces in day-to-day life. All in all, to help create a better world and life; not the Ultimate Eternal World & Life which has no pain or death.  Through the research of genes and cells (that are related to life forms in the outer world), they have arrived at a methodology for humans to change themselves in order to become happier and prosperous. To that extent, it is a step forward and laudable. One may keep saying to oneself that he/she is healthy, wealthy, happy, successful, prosperous - and develop a habit of believing and simultaneously putting it in practice at all times. It then will gradually get programmed, followed by visible results.  But a time will come when old age will set in, with the gradual deterioration of both the entire outer and inner system. It is a natural process which will apply on anything and everything that has appeared in this universe, whatever might be its belief system. None of the above belief systems take the mind beyond nature. All these auto suggestions or beliefs, how-so-ever strong they might be, are a function of the mind to ask for something which is within the domain of nature. Suggestions of health, wealth, prosperity, outer peace and well-being of all are within the domain of nature. Till the programming of the mind is to not go beyond mind and nature, it will remain under the principles of nature subject to deterioration, decay and death. But how can the mind be programmed to go beyond mind? Scientists and researchers will have to start looking for long term solutions and seek answers to the query¾ what next?  

A day will come when scientists like Dr. Lipton, out of extreme longing for what next, shall get a Self-realized Guide who will unfold the Truth of the unlimited wealth within and guide them to It, step by step from the outer to the inner, to the Central and finally to the Transcendental.  August proclamation of a Supreme Self-realizer of the present day and age to get permanent relief and take ultimate care of all maladies and contradictions¾ think and think that you are Pure Consciousness and nothing else. Think that you are the Master of nature, not its slave. Think that you are not conditioned and limited. Then you shall become the unconditioned, unlimited and the Eternal One as It is verily your True Nature. You will become what you really are, and not what you presently believe yourself to be. These directions can only come from a Perfect Scientist of spiritual nature who has realized the Permanent Existence of the Reality within and without, and the actual non-existence of the apparently existing mind and nature. The very foundation of the theories and discoveries of the material scientists is false - for there is no real existence of mind and nature.  Only a perfect spiritual Scientist can declare (based on His direct realization) that you are falsely considering yourself to be under mind and nature through relativity - but that you are the Master of both, as you are the Reality Itself.

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