Monday, August 26, 2013


By Sri Sandip Dasgupta

Welcome to the Janmashtami edition of our e-zine. This is the auspicious day on which Lord Krishna came to this earth to destroy the evil that had pervaded the universe.  Sri Sri Babathakur is another incarnation of Lord Sri Krishna - One who came down to this world to shower the “Light of Oneness” amongst us so that we can live and experience our life with the awareness of “Knowledge of Oneness”. When we live life with this awareness, we all march slowly and steadily towards the Ultimate goal of reaching our True Source – the Absolute One, which is the substratum of all mankind and Universe.

Sri Sri Babathakur has repeatedly told us that this world is nothing but the “Sportful dramatic sameside game of Self Consciousness”, where the Absolute One/Supreme One I-Reality has created diversity (Individual I-Reality) all around for the sake of enjoying the game being played by the individual I-Reality entities.  In other words, the Absolute One has created all the diversified entities so that the individual entities can play the game created by the Absolute One.  The individual entities are all like the two sides of the same coin – hence Sri Sri Babathakur’s reference to the “sameside game”. The same Absolute One is also the One that is watching the game being played by the individual entities.  It enjoys the game, yet remains unaffected by the game and its results.  The individual entities get affected by the results of the game because they believe the individual entities to be real, owing to the lack of Self-Knowledge, the Knowledge of the Substratum/Oneness.  Sri Sri Babathakur has repeatedly urged us to be conscious of the real substratum/the Supreme Oneness within us, which is playing this game.  This awareness will allow us to surrender fully our actions and results to the Absolute One, who is the Supreme cause of all events in this Universe.

Does that mean we give up all actions and meditate in a room all along, hoping that enlightenment will suddenly appear to us?  Not at all!  On the contrary, He has urged us to perform all our actions while fully being aware that we are not the ones performing the actions.  We are merely instruments of the Lord, performing actions on His behalf, and with the results of our actions also belonging to Him.  Sri Sri Babathakur has urged us to be sincere in all our actions.  In one of his discourses, He has stated that Lord Sri Krishna had urged Arjuna to fight the battle of Mahabharata, because he wanted Arjuna, a Kshatriya, to be sincere with himself.

So, let us resolve to work on our daily tasks sincerely, yet be conscious of the fact that we are performing all acts on behalf of the Lord, and the results of those actions belong to Him.

On another note, there is proposal to form a Satsang group (using audio/video phone conferencing technology) for the devotees residing in Europe and Middle East. The group will be led by Tapas and Jasmine Rajderkar.  Interested devotees may contact or

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