Wednesday, August 8, 2012


By Sri Sandip Dasgupta

Dear fellow devotees,
Welcome to the Janmashtami edition of our magazine. Let me begin by pointing readers to the redesigned website of Saccidananda Society (, where you will find a fantastic collection of Sri Sri Babathakur’s teachings, photos et. al.  My personal kudos to all the individual I-Realitys who volunteered for this initiative.
 As I read the last issue of our magazine, I was delighted to come across the article by Mr. Sumit Duttagupta in which he related his personal experiences with Sri Sri Babathakur.  This is exactly what Sri Sri Babathakur had in mind when he had asked us to set up an informal medium through which devotees around the world could share their spiritual experiences and have a virtual discussion amongst ourselves. Moving forward, I pray to the Master that more and more devotees like Mr. Duttagupta will come forward with articles relating to their spiritual experiences, in fulfillment of the Master’s vision.
Janmashtami is a very special occasion, when Lord Krishna was born to destroy the evils that had overcome our planet and illumine us with the Knowledge of Bhagavad Gita.  I consider Sri Sri Babathakur as Lord Krishna personified, one who gave us the same “Knowledge of Oneness” in a modern language that is easier to digest and appropriate for today’s complexities.  Sri Sri Babathakur emphatically stated that there are 51 Gitas – not just the most recent Gita that we read/hear about.  He also firmly stated that Lord Krishna Himself (as well as Arjuna) had taken birth multiple times before, and that Lord Krishna had tried to present the Gita to Arjuna in each of these previous births. Our Master constantly urged us to imbibe the teachings of the Gita and live in the Gita – not just listen to it.
Beginning with the last issue, I have been sharing my reflections on select teachings of Sri Sri Babathakur.  The Master has said ‘Enlighten yourself with the light of Oneness and gradually you will be illuminated’.  Let me attempt to pen down some thoughts on this “Light of Oneness”.
I’ll begin by asking you to imagine yourself, all alone in a completely dark room which has a white colored chair in the room.  Since the room is completely dark, you will not be able to see the chair. By touching the chair and feeling for its shape, you may be able to guess that there is an object that feels like a chair (because you have the knowledge about the shape of the chair).  When the light in the room is turned on, we are able to see the object. Then we are able to recognize the object as a chair, because somebody has taught us – “C for chair”. If the color of the light is blue, the white chair will appear blue to the seer, and if the light is green, the chair will appear green. Through our life’s experiences, we have realized that a chair is to be used primarily for sitting – although there maybe some other secondary purposes.  So, when the light in the room is turned on, we recognize the chair, its uses etc. – because we are conscious about it.  This is the definition of Consciousness and how it is used by us unknowingly in everyday life.
In our daily life, we see numerous objects and actions, have numerous experiences, have multiple relationships with various people, etc.  In our deep sleep state, we do not see any of these things, but as soon as we wake up, the world drama begins all over again.  We, as jivas, begin to think of this everyday world as real – because we perceive these objects/events with the light of duality.  Sri Sri Babathakur has told us that living in this world of duality means that we are living in darkness.  The “Light of Oneness” tells us that the substratum behind all of these names and forms is the “Absolute One”, the “I-Reality”.  Sri Sri Babathakur is therefore asking us to live life, being fully conscious of the one and only “I-Reality” at all times.  Just like somebody taught us “C for Chair” and we have believed it for all of our lives, He is asking us to accept “All as One” and “One as All”. He is asking to consider all our actions as His actions and surrender all the results of our actions to the Absolute.   This will therefore keep the individual I-Realitys peaceful as they will not seek or demand the results of their action. According to him, this “Knowledge of Oneness” or ‘Light of Oneness” is the panacea for all the worldly problems and the basis of everlasting peace.  So, whenever we are in trouble, or angry at somebody, or unhappy with our personal situation etc. – Could we begin thinking that all this is His will and His Divine game?

Joy Babathakur! Joy Babathakur! Joy Babathakur!

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