Friday, September 4, 2015


Sri Sandip Dasgupta

Dear fellow devotees,
Welcome to the Janamashtami edition of our e-zine.  In this issue, I will reflect on some of Sri Sri Babathakur’s teachings.
In one of His lectures which was recently telecast on Zee Bangla’s “Talks on Self Identity" (that airs every Sunday at 8:30 a.m., IST), Sri Sri Babathakur vividly talked about a simple illustration that He had given to some scientists. The Master had asked that two vessels be brought – one small and one large. The small vessel was filled with muddy water and was placed inside the larger vessel (which was empty). He then asked that clean water be poured onto the small vessel containing the muddy water. Gradually the muddy water overflowed into the larger vessel and the water in the smaller vessel became clearer.  The dirty water in the larger vessel was emptied and the process was continued – till the water in the smaller vessel became absolutely clear! Sri Sri Babathakur went onto say that in the current age, there is no need whatsoever to study the Shastras or learn second hand knowledge – all one has to do is listen sincerely to the Sadguru’s words and Realization will dawn on the individual!
With the Master’s permission, please let me elaborate on what He was trying to tell us.
If the small vessel was covered, no amount of clear water poured over it would have made a difference in getting rid of the muddy water contained within it. Similarly, if we are biased by thoughts that we have gathered throughout our life, or if we try to measure the Master’s words by the limited knowledge that we have gathered, we shall not be able to make progress.  Just like a window shutter does not allow the sunlight to enter the room, our biases and pre-conceived notions can minimize the impact of a Realizer’s words on us.  So it is very, very important, that we surrender unconditionally to the Master and listen to His words with the intent of Realizing the Absolute within us.  Any kind of intellectual activity will render our efforts ineffective.
Once we have surrendered unconditionally, the Sadguru’s words are like the clear water being poured into the small vessel.  As we listen to His words (with an open, unbiased mind) and reflect on them, our mind will become clearer and clearer. To experience anything in this world we need light and consciousness – somebody has to tell us that Object A is called an Apple and we simply cannot comprehend that apple in darkness.  As we listen to a Sadguru’s words, we are given a different kind of light – that enables us to become conscious about our own Self. The teaching that we have received in this world will be used to continue functioning in the mundane world – but the new light will allow us to reach our Absolute goal.  As we consistently engage in this, we will find ourselves reaching the state of “No Mind” – where the mind is not controlling us, but we become conscious of our “Real I”.
In summary, Sri Sri Babathakur is stating that all we need to do is clear our mind of biases, listen to His words on a regular basis and reflect on them.  His words can be regularly listened to at:

·         "Talks on Self Identity" on Zee Bangla, every Sunday morning at 8:30 AM
·         "Swayam Se Sakshatkar" on Aastha Channel, every Sunday at 6:50 PM. Presented by Mr. P.C. Lahiri
·         CDs distributed by Saccidananda Society, Kolkata

Joy Babathakur! Joy Babathakur! Joy Babathakur!

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